Greenway's New Dean
Greenway's New Dean


Growing up in Northeast Ohio, Angela always knew she wanted to be an educator of some sort. Even as a child, Angela always wanted to play with her chalk board over her other toys. In her teen years, she attended Perry High school located in Perry, Ohio. Angela was a Perry Pirate through and through, even donning the mascot attire a few times. After graduating from high school, she went on to attend Bowling Green State University in Bowling Green, Ohio. It was then that Angela began the journey to make her childhood dreams become a reality.

Once her education was completed, she began teaching both sophomore and senior English at Moon Valley High School. Angela’s teaching and coaching career with Moon Valley spanned 12 whole years. During that time Angela got married and started a family which began with two yellow Labradors named Duke and Morgan; however, 15 months ago she welcomed her baby girl Allison into the world. Even with her family growing, her passion for education never faltered.  Angela loved teaching and she knew it well, but she wanted to make a bigger impact. Angela felt that by taking an administrative position it would allow her to expand her reach.

With her new position as the Dean, Angela’s goal is to create strong relationships with students and help them make strong good decisions to better their future. She also wants to show support for the teachers; she knows firsthand how tough their job can be at times. Angela knows there are new challenges ahead, but she is ready to take them on and make a difference. We are looking forward to see what the year ahead has in store for our new Dean.

                                          Welcome to the Greenway family, Angela!