Art Show Winners

2011 Greenway Art Show Winners
The overall Best of Show award went to senior Jessica Shay for her 3D mixed Media sculpture
Principal's Choice Award went to Jessica Davison for marker rendering.
In Photography:
1st Place:            Fenling Zahn
2nd Place:         Kelsie Blazier
3rd Place:         Ashley Warner
Honorable Mentions went to Chris Cordova, Erin Halter, Michael Gallante and Kioni Pearson
In Art:
1st Place:        Diana Estrada
2nd Place:       Daryn Baldwin
3rd Place:       Tara Hull
Honorable Mentions went to Micah Johnson, Kadie Cook, Taylor Solomon and
Brian McCubbin
In 3D:
1st Place:        Karen Cruz
2nd Place:       Kriste Dikoff
3rd Place:       Destiny Guichard
Honorable Mentions went to Jason Frew, Bethany Moore, Brandon Kartman and
Sheylynne Young