Link Crew!!!

Greenway Welcomes Freshmen With Link-Crew
Posted on 9/10/2009

This year, Greenway High School made an attempt to start school in a new and exciting way.  Greenway has always been a school with high student participation in athletics and clubs/co-curricular classes.  Research has shown that there is a positive correlation between student involvement and academic success.  It is a student’s involvement that connects a student to their school.  This connection creates a sense of pride that impacts their grades in a positive way.  When speaking to graduating seniors about their school involvement the remarks they make often refer to their regret about not getting involved in a club or sport earlier.  With this in mind coupled with a desire to reduce anxiety and familiarize the students with our campus, we started Link Crew.

            We started work on this project last year with 160 upper classman and virtually all of our faculty and staff.  We did days of planning and training and on the first day of school we opened with an all Frosh assembly and an upper classman assembly.  The Frosh were led through many large and small group activities facilitated by faculty and 80 upper classman.  The remaining upper classman participated in their own assembly with students from their grade levels.  The Frosh were put in groups of 10 with two upper classman “Linked” to them.  These upperclassman provided a concrete example of what it looks like to be successful in school.  They gave the Frosh a list of “What every Freshman should know” and took them on a campus tour.  Finally, we finished the first week with a “Rush Lunch”.  There the students ate lunch and wandered through a maze of tables hosted by student leaders from all of our clubs, organizations, and sports.

            When the first week was over, we stepped back and tried to evaluate what we had done.  Everyone had a feeling that it had been a great success but we needed data.  So far this is what we know.  Most clubs and fall sports have had record levels of involvement.  Key Club, Theater, and Badminton reported huge numbers (to name a few) and when the Winter and Spring sports start play we will look for big numbers of Frosh involvement there too.  It looks like Greenway has a new tradition!