Literacy Corner

Literacy at Home
Posted on 9/14/2009

Without a doubt, reading and writing are important components of your child’s education. Both reading and writing are often learned best in “authentic situations and authentic purposes”; thus, the home becomes an ideal place for students to practice these essentials skills.  Besides, both you and your students can benefit from the extra attention you pay to reading and writing in the home. 

Below are a couple of suggestions in which you, as the parent, can incorporate reading and writing into the home.  New suggestions will be added to the website monthly.

Reading: choose a book that you and your child both want to read.  Every night, read the book for at least 10 minutes.  Discuss the book with your child.  What do you like or not like? Who are the characters? Which is your favorite and why?

Writing: Create a dialogue journal with your child.  “Dialogue journals are simply written conversations between two participants using a journal or notebook to carry on the conversation.”

How it works: The parent writes an entry to the child in the journal.  This can be anything from questions about their week to deeper ideas about the child’s future.  The parent leaves the journal in the child’s room. 

The child then responds to the parent’s question or statement and possibly supplies their own question or statement to the parent.  The journal is then passed back and forth from parent to child.


Source: Rasinski, Timothy and Nancy Padak.  “Write Soon!” The Reading Teacher 62 (2009): 618-620.