New student?

Do you plan to enroll in Greenway High School for the January 2010 semester?
Posted on 11/20/2009

Counselors are currently accepting registration appointments for December 8, 2009 for the purpose of enrolling students for second semester only.  Please contact Mrs. Myers at 623-915-8502 to schedule an enrollment appointment with a counselor, walk-in enrollments will not be accepted.

 In order to enroll your student, the following items must be presented at the time of  your appointment:  a current utility bill or lease agreement, official withdrawal documents from your previous school, transcripts, discipline and attendance records, immunization records, birth certificate, and custody documents if applicable.  If any of the above items are not available to the counselor at the time of registration appointment, your enrollment may be delayed.

 Most enrollment appointments are approximately 30 minutes in length, but may take longer if you and your student need to meet with the Dean regarding absences or discipline matters.  Please plan your appointment time to accommodate these time frames.  Please arrive 10 minutes early for the appointment to allow you to complete paperwork in time for your appointment.

 Welcome to Greenway!