End of Semester

Final Exams
Posted on 12/3/2009
The end of the semester is fast approaching.  Here you will find the schedule for the week of December 14th.  Student's are encouraged to attend classes everyday and to schedule doctor appointments after school to avoid missing valuable class time.

Monday, December 14th is a regular schedule with EOP.

Tuesday, December 15th is a regular schedule.

Wednesday, December 16th, Period 1: 8:00-9:15
                                          Period 2: 9:20-10:35
                                          Period 3: 10:40-12:00

Thursday, December 17th, Period 4/5: 8:00-9:15
                                       Period 6:    9:20-10:35
                                       Period 7:   10:40-12:00

Buses will depart school at 12:10 both Wednesday and Thursday.

No lunch will be served either Wednesday or Thursday.

Friday, December 18th starts the winter break, there is no school for students.

School will resume Tuesday, January 5th.  All students should report to their first semester first hour class.