Student Council

Student Council Helps Habitat
Posted on 2010/02/09

On Saturday, February 6th, 17 members of Student Council drove north to the Anthem area to help Habitat for Humanity get their new Re-Store ready.   We worked with Habitat staff and other volunteers to unload Mobile Mini storage units full of donations to the store, then cleaned them, and then placed them on the store floor, ready to buy once the store opens in April.  The manager of the store was so impressed by the hard work and enthusiasm of our Greenway students that he gathered all of us together a couple of times during the morning to express his gratitude for our help.  He also wrote an email saying, “I want you all to know helping this weekend was one of the first, and most important steps in the process of raising real dollars, to help real people, who are in need of real homes… As you go through your day, know you have made someone's life better with your willingness to help, your hard work and intelligence, and the character it takes to do so.  I am proud of you all and I know Ms. Stockwell is as well.”  After four solid hours of work, we celebrated with pizza donated by one of Habitat’s other volunteers, and then our Student Council ended the morning by taking ourselves out for ice cream!  Many of Greenway’s Student Council are taking a closer look at volunteering again for Habitat after such a fantastic experience; they definitely learned that leadership IS service.

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