Conflict reduction

Greenway Takes Positive Steps to Reduce Conflict

Hello Again Demon Parents:


            I would like to provide you with an update on several significant activities that have occurred this year that we believe will make Greenway an even better place for our students. Throughout the school year the Greenway faculty and staff have been working diligently to reduce incidents of intimidation, harassment and bullying.  We all believe that in order to focus on being successful in their classes, students must feel safe. The following information summarizes several activities that have been instituted this year, as well as those that have been ongoing for several years.

Link Crew is a peer mentoring program designed to help freshmen with the sometimes challenging transition to high school. Small groups of freshmen are "linked" with a pair of upperclassmen whose goal is to provide a support system for their younger peers in a variety of ways. On the first day of school this year, Link Crews went through several small-group activities designed to help freshmen identify and develop strategies for success in school.  Link Crew leaders took their freshmen on campus tours, helping our new freshman students identify places they'd surely need to find at some point in the year. In addition, Link Crew hosted Cocoa & Cram, a tutoring session before first semester finals. Most recently, Link Crew held a dance for freshmen and their Link Crew leaders. Other components of the program include study skills, time management and social tolerance.

On January 12th, we held an assembly called Rachel's Challenge.  Rachel's Challenge is a non-profit organization based on the life of Rachel Scott, the first student killed at Columbine.  The program showed students that they can have a positive impact on the world if they strive daily to show kindness and compassion to others.  It spoke to the purpose of our school goal by helping students see that one person can start a chain reaction of kindness that can ultimately change the culture of a school. Following the assembly, Rachel’s Club was formed to provide the opportunity to continue and sustain activities to improve the school culture.

Unitown is a three-day diversity and leadership development camp in Prescott, Arizona. The goal of Unitown is to reduce bullying and bias by fostering a greater respect and understanding of all people. Students participate in large group activities, discussion groups, role-playing, and presentations on a variety of human relations issues. Students develop an expanded awareness of intolerance and how it affects individuals, groups and communities, while learning how to create change and a safe school environment. 

The ADL Peer Training Program focuses on anti-bias/anti-bullying education and specifically targets freshman students by delivering lessons during their Thinking Science classes. Peer Trainers present research based, experiential learning activities to students three times each semester for a total of six times a year. Lessons focus on respect for self and others, diversity, and prevention/intervention strategies. Through the unique combination of instruction and peer influence, the program helps students combat name-calling, bullying and harassment, thus creating a safe and more inclusive school community.

The Ambassador Program is Greenway’s Welcome Wagon for new students who arrive during the school year.  Juniors and seniors volunteer to complete a training program, which prepares them to sincerely and competently welcome new students to Greenway High School.  Their purpose is to acquaint new Demons with the school’s many programs, clubs, activities, and sports, and urge them to get involved.  The ambassador escorts the new student to classes and eats lunch with the student for at least the first week of attendance.  In addition, the Ambassador takes the new student on a campus tour to highlight areas of interest to students, and makes plans to take the new student to an event at the school within the first two weeks of registration. Finally, the ambassador provides information about the various clubs and organizations on campus.  Our goal is to help our new students quickly feel like they are at home here at Greenway.

As you can see, we are serious about ensuring that all of our students enjoy a safe, welcoming and fun environment where they can receive the high quality education that they deserve.  We will continue to seek ways to make Greenway the very best school for your children.   Go Demons!


Mike Dellisanti

Principal, Greenway High School