NHS false solicitation letters

NHS Solicitation letters
Posted on 2/18/2009

Dear Greenway Community,


It has come to my attention that many of our students are receiving solicitation from a company called “National Society of High School Scholars.” Please note that this company has no connection whatsoever to National Honor Society (NHS).  Any correspondence that the Greenway High School chapter of NHS sends out will come directly from the school and will be printed on our letterhead.


Further, please note that the initial stages of candidacy will begin in March. During that month, sophomores and juniors whose GPAs are 3.0 or higher will receive letters in both their homeroom classes, and mailed to their homes, inviting them to join our chapter of National Honor Society. Again, these letters will come directly from school and will be printed on our letterhead.


If you have any questions or would like additional information, please feel free to contact me at 623-915-8500, extension 7763.




Nicole Kelsheimer

National Honor Society Adviser