Walk Through Registration
Posted on 7/21/2009

Registration will be held TUESDAY, JULY 28 THRU FRIDAY, JULY 31, 7:00AM-11:30AM.  DOORS CLOSE AT 11:30AM.

Registration schedule:  Tues, July 28: 7:00 Band Members Only; 8:00-Football Players Only; 9:00- G; 10:00- C; 11:00- F,K.

Weds., July 29: 7:00- A; 8:00- E; 9:00- N,I; 10:00- O,J; 11:00- S.

Thurs, July 30: 7:00- B; 8:00- D; 9:00- T,Q; 10:00- W; 11:00- R.

Fri, July 31:  7:00- M; 8:00- H; 9:00- K,Y,Z; 10:00- P,U; 11:00- L,V. 

Students may not register before their assigned time unless prior administrative approval has been obtained! Also, if you do not register during this time, you must do so on the first day of school and you may lose your elective classes.

VEHICLE REGISTRATION: Parking permits will be issued to licensed and insured drivers at the cost of $10 per year*, during registration and through the attendance office.

*Fees subject to increase based on school funding from the legislature.

The following items will be available for purchase at registration: Yearbook-$60*; Activity Card-$20*; Junior T-Shirt-$15*; Senior T-Shirt-$15*; Parent Pass-$40*

*Fees subject to increase based on school funding from the legislature.

School Pictures-GRADS Professional Photography, requires a separate check. Yearbook Photos for Freshman, Sophomores and Juniors will be taken by GRADS.

Before you register:  Pay all debts to the Bookstore and Media Center. Make checks payable to Greenway High School. WE DO NOT ACCEPT CREDIT/DEBIT CARDS