Attendance Auto-Dialer

Greenway to begin using Auto-Dialer
Posted on 2011/10/24
On Monday, October 31st, Greenway will begin contacting parents through use of the auto-dialer to alert parents when students are absent from school.  Around 10:15 each day, the dialer will call the contact numbers of any student who has unexcused absences in his/her first three class periods.  In order to manage what numbers the auto-dialer calls, parents can log in to the Parent Portal and select the “Contact Preferences” link on the left side of the screen.  On the “Contact Preferences” page, parents can select which phone numbers the dialer will call for attendance notices.  The dialer will only call when absences are unexcused, so if you know your son/daughter will not be attending school and do not wish to be contacted by the auto-dialer, please call 623-915-8501 to excuse the absence in advance.  If you have questions about the auto-dialer, feel free to contact Kristen Graham, Assistant Principal for Discipline and Attendance, at 623-915-8508.

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