Fire Hour begins September 6th

Fire Hour begins September 6th
Posted on 2011/08/26

We will begin Fire Hour on Tuesday, September 6.  FIRE Hour enrollment is based upon student grades as of 10 AM on the preceding Thursday.  A letter of notification for failing students is delivered to students in their 3rd hour classes and is mailed to their parents on Friday.  Fire Hour class has been developed to assist freshman, sophomore and junior students who are not successfully passing one or more of their classes. 
Students who are enrolled in Fire Hour will benefit from this class by:
-receiving remediation and tutoring in the specific areas necessary for the student to be successful.
-having the opportunity to complete current assignments and specific missing assignments that may have been identified by their teacher.
-developing stronger organizational and study skills.
Fire Hour class is held before school and during the last hour of the official school day, as identified on page 16 of the Student Handbook.  A school bus will be provided for a 3:45 PM bus run for all students who qualify to ride the school bus.  
Students exit the FIRE Hour by demonstrating that they are successfully completing all academic classes in which they are enrolled.  Students must bring their grade up to a 60% or better in each failing class, in order to exit from the FIRE Hour program.
It is our goal for all freshmen, sophomores and juniors to experience the thrill of successful achievement while they are students at Greenway and throughout their futures. If you have any questions or concerns please call 623-915-8514.