Greenway Poetry Winners

Congratulations Greenway Poetry Winners
Posted on 2012/04/03
Sophomore Winners:
2nd Place Liz Zingg for “The Ticking Clock”
3rd Place Mariah Willhite for “Needing What You Can’t Have”
Honorable Mention Kiyra Levine for “Alone”
Junior Winners:
2nd Place Sara-Grace Sweeney for “Decisions, Decisions”
3rd Place Sara-Grace Sweeney for “Doubts”
Honorable Mention Kylara Griffis for “Black Rose of a Friend”
Senior Winners:
2nd Place Dylan Connor for “In a Cloud of Smoke”
3rd Place Sarah Huff for “Unexpected Visitor”
Honorable Mention Alexa Valencia for “Yield”
Freshmen Foreign Language Winners:
Sophomore Foreign Language Winners:
2nd Place Jessica Guerra for “The Life’s Way”
3rd Place Sara Toledo for “The Friends”
Honorable Mention Maira Gallegos for “Love”
Junior Foreign Language Winners:
2nd Place Jian Hui Mai for “Farmer”
3rd Place Rebecca Ibrahim for “My First Love”
Honorable Mention Rebecca Ibrahim for “Dreams are Wonderful”