Freshman ECAP Meetings

Freshman ECAP Meetings
Posted on 2019/10/28
Freshman ECAP Meetings

Counselors will soon be meeting with your freshman student in the development of an Education Career Action Plan (ECAP).  They will present a career unit to freshmen students between Oct 17-22 with a required Elective Fair to follow on Wednesday, Oct 23rd (no late-start).  Students will create an ECAP through the Arizona Career Information System (AzCIS) and have the opportunity to visit elective classrooms on campus to receive information and ask questions.  Additionally, counselors will be reviewing and finalizing your student’s course selections for next year during the educational planning meeting.

Parents are welcomed and encouraged to attend their student’s ECAP meeting.  To do so please take a moment to schedule a meeting online with your student’s counselor (see link below).  Counselor information can be found on ParentVUE and StudentVUE under the “student info” tab or you can call the counseling office at 623-915-8502.  

Schedule your ECAP meeting online now for times between Oct 28-Dec 13.  Make your appointment soon, as dates/times will be taken the longer you wait.  Starting Oct 28th, counselors will be calling students in randomly for their ECAP meeting if they do not have one scheduled.

Click here to schedule an appointment with the counselors 

Prior to the meeting, please discuss the following with your student using resources from their Success Packet that they will receive during the career unit: 

  • Possible career choices using your student’s AzCIS results
  • Diploma path
  • Selection of classes
  • Extra-curricular activities
  • Community service
  • Steps needed to meet personal goals

 In the event you are unable to attend your student’s ECAP Meeting, copies of the ECAP will be sent home for your review and signature.

Please contact the counseling office with questions or concerns 623-915-8502.