Posted on 2019/08/12

ParentVUE is a secured website which offers parents real-time access to:

  • Teacher Email Addresses
  • School Calendar
  • Attendance
  • Class Schedule
  • Class Websites
  • Course History
  • Grade book
  • Health immunizations on file
  • Report card
  • School contact information
  • Student information

To gain access to ParentVUE, contact our Counseling Secretary at 623-915-852 to obtain an activation code with the needed to initiate your account.

Each custodial parent with educational rights for the child may choose to register separately and will subsequently have access for all students of that parent.

parentvue greenway webpage
Go to , scroll down until you see the green buttons. Click the ParentVUE button. It will then bring you to this page below. 


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