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NJROTC Unit, Greenway High School
, is located at 3930 W. Greenway Rd., Phoenix, AZ  85053-3977.

The Unit telephone number is: (623) 915-8567.

The Unit was commissioned on 1 January 2003, and is the 10th Navy JROTC unit in the Grand Canyon State.

The instructors are:  LCDR Paula F. Sawdy-Bowes USN (Ret.), Senior Naval Science Insructor, and Chief Corey Stevens, USN (Ret.), Naval Science Instructor.


The NJROTC Program was established by Public Law in 1964 and may be found in Title 10, U.S. Code, Chapter 102.  The program is conducted at accredited secondary schools throughout the nation, by instructors who are retired Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard officers and enlisted personnel.  The NJROTC curriculum emphasizes citizenship and leadership development, as well as our maritime heritage, the significance of sea power, and naval topics such as the fundamentals of naval operations, seamanship, navigation and meteorology.  Classroom instruction is augmented throughout the year by community service activities, drill and orienteering competitions, field meets, visits to militar bases, marksmanship training, and other military-oriented training.  Uniforms, textbooks, training aids, travel allowances, and a substantial portion of the instructors' salaries are provided by the Navy.

The specific objectives of NJROTC are:

1.  Promote patriotism

2.  Develop informed and responsible citizens

3.  Promote habits of orderliness and precision and develop respect for constituted authority

4.  Develop a high degree of personal honor, self-reliance, individual discipline and leadership.

To participate in the program a student must:

1.  Be at least 14 years old in grades 9 through 12

2.  Be of good moral character.

3.  Be physically fit to participate in NJROTC training.  A student is considered to meet this requirement if able to fully participate in the school physical education program.

4.  Comply with established personal grooming standards.

5.  Wear the uniform on designated days.

Naval Science 1-2 (NSI)                  Grade 9-12

District Course No. 1633-1634     Semesters:  2     Credit:  1

Prerequisite:  Approval of instructor and parent or guardian permission

Course Description:  This course provides an introduction to the precepts of citizenship, the elements of leadership, and the value of scholarship in attaining life goals.  The course is designed to engender a sound appreciation for the heritage and traditions of America.  Included with the classroom instruction will be a weekly drill session to incorporate discipline, pride and precision into the cadet's life.

Naval Science 3-4 (NSII)                     Grade 10-12

District Course No. 1635-1636     Semesters:  2     Credit:  1

Prerequisite:  A passing grade in Naval Science I or approval of the instructor and parent or guardian permission

Course Description:  A continuation of leadership and citizenship training with emphasis on the role of sea power in world history.  The principles of navigation, astronomy, meterology (weather) and basic seamanship are introduced during this year.  Leadership opportunities in academic, drill and orienteering teams, as well as the Color Guard, increase as the student advances in knowledge and gains greater responsibility.

Naval Science 5-6                       Grade 11-12

District Course No. 1637-1638     Semesters:  2     Credit: 1

Prerequisite:  A passing grade in Naval Science II or approval of the instructor and parent or guardian permission

Course Description:  A continuation of those disciplines introduced in Naval Science I and II, with greater emphasis on increased leadership roles within the Cadet Corps.  Naval History studies include World Wars I and II, the Korean Conflict, the Cold War, and Vietnam.  Continued study in the areas of navigation, astronomy and weather, coupled with advanced seamanship are presented during this year. 

Naval Science 7-8                       Grade 12

District Course No. 1639-1640     Semesters:  2     Credit:  1

Prerequisite:  A passing grade in Naval Science III or approval of the instructor and parent or guardian permission

Course Description: A continuation of advanced leadership concepts with emphasis on leadership by example.  Leadership studies include: (1) application of leadership traits and principles; (2) a better understanding of human motivation based on Maslow's principles; (3) an in-depth knowledge of group behavior; and (4) better and effective communication skills.  This course will require the student to analyze, discuss and document various leadership styles as evidenced in selected films and case studies.  All NSIV cadets should expect to be assigned to positions of responsibility in the company organion, and, thus, be expected to lead the company throughout the school year.

Unit Motto

The Unit Motto is "Tenete Cursum" or "Stay the Course."   To stay the course, in current usage, means "to stand firm in pursuing a goal or course of action, to persevere in the face of whatever challenges or obstacles one may encounter."  "To stay the course" is often thought to be a nautical metaphor, and one can easily imagine a stalwart captain instructing a wavering helmsman to "Stay the course!" in the face of a stormy sea.