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Boys' Varsity by Season 1974-2012
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Girls' Varsity by Season 1979-2012
     September, 1974 marked the first meet of Greenway's Varsity Boy's Cross Country Program.  This inaugural year of Skyline competition was highlighted with the team's first and only victory that season over Agua Fria.  During the 1970's, the team continued to build in numbers and quality as front runners Don Spencer and Jim Klein were responsible for putting the young Demons on the map.  During this time, the foundation for the future was being developed with undefeated freshman squads (1976 & 1977) and a championship Junior Varsity team in 1979.  This time period also saw the Demon harriers crossing 39th avenue and continuing through the desert terrain east of the school during home meets.
     The 1980's saw Greenway XC begin a dynasty that was to include three Division Championships and a State Runner-up trophy.  This period saw a young phenom, Jeff Cannada, handily win two State titles, every major invitational meet in Arizona, as well as, still standing; State records in  both the 1600 & 3200 meters in track.  The 1980 Demons missed the state title by a mere 6 points as they recorded the lowest runner-up score in  state history.  Arguably the best squad in the school's history, this team included four sub 4:20 milers (Cannada, Bob Johnson, Dan Goodrich & Greg Bliss).  The next year the Demons were led by the best trio in Arizona as Cannada, Johnson and the greatly improved Aaron Pierson virtually finished1-2-3 in almost every competition including Divisionals.
     On a cool October night in 1983, Greenway High made history with its innovative halftime cross country meet which has been an exciting opportunity for many harriers over the last decade plus.  In 1986, the Demons saw the era of Kevin Irwin, Mark Donahue and Mike Cimino reach their potential with an undefeated season and a thrilling victory over Brophy in the Skyline Championships.
     Back-to-back GUHSD district titles by the freshmen squads in 1988 & 1989 marked a preview of another dynasty in the making.  Led by front runners Dale Houdek, Shawn Kerr and Mike Hunter, the Demons would go on to win three consecutive Regional crowns and run up an impressive 97-9 record over the five year period from 1988 to 1992 against West Valley and Skyline competition.
     Led by two-time All State standout, Erik Wolf, the 1994-1996 era was based around a group of very dependable and dedicated athletes who personified the true spirit of the sport of cross country.  This group recorded a 51-2 record and championship trophies at both the Bradshaw Mountain and  Mingus Invitationals as well as some "heartbreakingly" close Region runner-up finishes.
    1998 proved to be an exciting year for Greenway Cross Country and one of the "best" in Demon history.  The products of a successful frosh and JV program and the addition of a Michigan transfer blended with a high degree of camraderie and unity.  This led to championships at the District Jamboree, Desert Sky Region, GUHSD Frosh and JV Districts as well as a strong run for the State 4A title with a 3rd place finish.  Seniors Lawrence Opio and State 4A Champion Steve Crane both earned First Team All State honors.
     Our 1999 squad raced to "REPEAT" championships at both the District Jamboree and Desert Sky Regions.  Led by the "senior foundation" of "Matt Edwards, Jimmy Coronado, and Andrew Giddings", the team scored the 2nd lowest number of points ever by a Demon squad at Regions.  Soph phenom Alan Walker won the Region Championships and then went on to earn "First Team All State"  honors with a 9th place finish at the 4A State Championships.
     "THREEPEAT" was the title of our 2000 squad as the Demons led by Jr. Alan Walker defeated a very competitive Prescott squad by a mere one point at the Region Championships.  The year was also highlighted by both the Junior Varsity and Freshman squads winning their GUHSD District Championships.
     Led by talented senior duo of Alan Walker and Peter Edwards, our 2001 squad raced to an uprecedented "FOURPEAT" as the Varsity ran away with the Regional title.  At the 4A Championships in Tucson, Alan Walker capped off an excellent Demon career with a state runner-up finish and his third first team All State honors while the team's depth brought them a very fine 4th place finish. 
     In the midst of a couple of respectable 3rd place State qualifying seasons, the Demons were setting the stage for yet another dynasty in the making. Led by two very talented sophomores, Jon Abel and Geoff Olson, the next three seasons would bring a 48-6 record with numerous titles. Both Jon and Geoff would each capture 4A State runner-up titles and earn First Team All State Honors twice.
     2005 would go down in history as one of the “best” in Demon harrier history.  This Varsity squad’s front five of Abel, Olson, Edde Venzor, Nik Long and Ryan Dirren would dominate throughout the season. By placing three runners in the top ten at State, this squad would bring Greenway Cross County its first 4A STATE CHAMPIONSHIP. This team added the “Triple Crown” to their achievements while both the Junior Varsity and Freshmen would also make it a clean sweep with their District titles.
     With a “repeat” in site for next year, the 2006 squad unfortunately met their share of adversity. Despite three medal winners at State, they finished a respectable 6th to go along with their runner-up placing at Regions.
    The youthful 2007 team would show promise for another era in the making. This “undefeated” squad and Region runner-up would be led by a pair of freshmen (Andy Olson and Eric Brannick) and junior Jordan Rosenfield.
     The 2008 season saw state medalist, Soph Andy Olson, lead a squad to a 6th place finish and the title of "Best 4A2" Squad in the Valley at the State Championships.  The youthful Demons also garnered both the District Open and Frosh titles.  
    "The Year of the Sweep" highlights the 2009 season as the Boy's Varsity swept the first five places at the Region Championships.   Joseph Walker, Andy Olson, Nathan Duell, Dustin Martin and Eric Brannick 
paved the way to a region scoring record.  Three medalists at the 4A State meet helped earn a 5th place finish and a repeat of "Best 4A2" finish by a valley team.  With District Championships by the Junior Varsity and Freshman, the boys notced another "Triple Crown" year.
    The talented senior laden (Olson, Walker, Brannick, Duell) 
2010 squad captured two major championships (District Jamboree and Desert Twilight Invitational) as Andy Olson and  Eric Brannick bring a 4 yr record of 50 - 7 to closure.   While competing in a new state format, the boys place 2nd in the “new” sectionals and  Andy Olson races to his third medal in the state meet.  Both the Junior Varsity and Freshman squads capture District Championships for the third and fourth years in a row respectively. 
    The 2011 season will go on record as another “Excellent” goal season as the team’s motto, “BHTT”,  highlighted many successes.  Led by a quality front runner and leader, Max Talamantes, and a transformed “soccer” exchange student from Norway, Kristian Nag, two very improved returnees, Ben Wakefield and Austin Lavin and a very talented freshman, David Borja, this squad would win Sectionals, the District Jamboree, the “Open” division of Doug Conley and place 4th in the State.  Max would also be voted the Glendale Union District Runner of the Year by District coaches.  The Demon’s younger runners also captured both the JV and Frosh District Championships.  
    The "What If" year of 2012 was led by two talented 1st Team All District front runners, Austin Lavin and David Borja, who both succumbed to injuries in the second half.  With David winning the District Jamboree and leading the team to their fourth consecutive title, this young squad also ran very well at Mt. Carmel and the Desert Twilight.  Senior captain Ben Wakefield helped advance this team to the State Meet with a true team effort (BTO..beat the odds.)  The JV Boys captured the District Championship for the fifth year in a row.
••Varsity Top 5 Finishers in Region/Division/Sectionals••

2012      16 - 1     6th      175 pts   (Wakefield, Navarro, Jimenez, Roper, DeLara)
2011      16 - 1     1st        68  pts   (Talamantes, Nag, Lavin, Wakefield, Borja, George, Castro)
2010      12 - 2     2nd       66 pts   (A. Olson, Lavin, N. Duell, Brannick, J. Walker)
2009      13 - 2     1st        15 pts   (Walker, A.Olson, Duell, Martin, Brannick, Walth, Welton)
2008      12 - 3     3rd        61 pts   (A. Olson, Yoder, McCulloch, Murrick, Rosenfield
2007      13 - 0     2nd       67 pts   (A. Olson, Rosenfield, Brannick, Yoder, Sauer)
2006      13 - 4     2nd       35 pts   (Abel, Ge.Olson, Dirren, Long, Gr. Olson, Alexander)
2005      16 - 1     1st        29 pts   (Abel, Ge.Olson, Venzor, Long, Dirren, Mitchell, Alexander, Cordova)
2004      19 - 1     2nd       52 pts   (Abel, Ge.Olson, Alfred, Venzor, Lamas, Gotcher)
2003      18 - 3     3rd        72 pts   (Owens, Callingham, Andes, Abel, Alfred)
2002      11 - 8     3rd        68 pts   (Berlyn, Sanchez, Beach, Alfred, Owens, R. Giddings)
2001      17 - 1     1st         29 pts   (Walker, P.Edwards, Berlyn, Robison,  R.Giddings, Rybacki, Ja Hargan)
2000      15 - 3     1st         51 pts   (Walker, Robison, P.Edwards, R.Giddings, Moorer, Hargan, Crosby)   
1999      13 - 2     1st         28 pts   (Walker, M. Edwards,Coronado,A. Giddings, Robison, P.Edwards, Moorer))
1998      17 - 0     1st         45 pts   (Crane, L. Opio, M. Edwards, Coronado, Walker, Bern, A. Giddings)
1997      13 - 4     3rd        72 pts   (L. Opio, Hartmark, Edwards, Bern, Coronado)
1996      17 - 0     2nd       34 pts   (Wolf, T. Opio, Hartmark, Diefenderfer, B. Hunter)
1995      15 - 1     2nd       40 pts   (Wolf, Kane, B. Hunter, O'Laughlin, Hagan)
1994      19 - 1     2nd       54 pts   (Wolf, Benker, O'Laughlin, Kane, B. Hunter)
1993      17 - 4     2nd       67 pts    (Poundstone, Benker, Wolf, O’Laughlin, Kenney)
1992      19 - 3     2nd       56 pts    (M. Hunter, Kaiser, Alabaster, Benker, Poundstone)
1991      18 - 1     1st         32 pts   (M. Hunter, Kerr, White, Bustamante, Dowling, Alabaster, Benker)
1990      20 - 0     1st         29 pts   (Kerr, M. Hunter, White, Bacik, Alabaster, Bustamante, Burke)
1989      20 - 2     1st         40 pts   (Houdek, Wallace, Kerr, White, Bacik, Brehm, M. Hunter)
1988      20 - 3     3rd        83 pts    (Houdek, DeMumbrum, Bulleigh, Drewry, Santillan)
1987      16 - 6     6th       153 pts   (Bulleigh, DeMumbrum, Drewry, Davis, Bruce)
1986      20 - 0     1st         57 pts   (Irwin, Cimino, Winsor, Donahue, Wedwick, Cooper, Bruce)
1985        9 - 9     4th      108 pts    (Irwin, Donahue, Tonn, Cimino, Bruce)
1984      13 - 2     3rd      107 pts    (L. Ashley, Buce, Congdon, Donahue, Poe)
1983      11 - 1     2nd       67 pts    (Cannada, Poe, Scocco, L. Ashley, Buce)
1982      12 - 2     1st         74 pts   (Cannada, Scocco, Barrett, L. Ashley, Erwin, Kirkpatrick)
1981      13 - 0     1st         41 pts   (Cannada, Johnson, Pierson, Scocco, Dodds, Barrett, Acker)
1980      15 - 0     1st         23 pts   (Cannada, Johnson, Goodrich, Bliss, Wasem, Pierson, Erickson)
1979      15 - 1     4th      114 pts    (J. Klein, Bliss, Michels, Goodrich, Erickson)
1978      14 - 2     2nd       91 pts    (J. Klein, Kiernan, Goodrich, Bliss, Ashcroft)
1977      12 - 3     3rd        89 pts   (Kiernan, S. Klein, Dykstra, J. Klein, Becker)
1976      10 - 8     8th      179 pts    (Dykstra, Milhoan, S. Klein, Kiernan, Golden)
1975        7 - 6     7th      175 pts    (Spencer, S. Klein, Martinez, Dykstra, Milhoan)
1974        1 - 9     8th      205 pts    (Spencer, Bowden, C. Tompkins, Barrett, Leuyer)
      September, 1979 marked the first meet of Greenway's Varsity Girl's Cross Country Program. Unfortunately this was a few years too late for standout Annette Goodrich to compete.  Before her 1976 graduation, she set the still standing school records for 800 & 1600 meters. The 1979 season also saw the beginnings of a young soph, Diane McPeak, who would go on to build a successful three year career highlighted by a State Meet medal in 1981 and Greenway's still standing 3200 meter track record.
     In 1982, Coach Jim Stoll took over the reins of the girl's program for three years.  During this era, the Lady Demon harriers continued to build in numbers and respect. The highlight was a State Meet medalist from senior Maria Hackett in 1984.  Maria would go on to compete in the 800 meters at the UofA after a successful track career at Greenway.
    With Coach Giddings back at the helm in 1985, the last half of the decade would prove to be one the most successful for girl's distance running.  Despite racing in the very competitive Skyline Division, our girls would go to qualify for the state meet the next five years.  Meilan Loo and Patricia Herbert would prove to be the examples for future Lady Demons with their dedication, off-season training and competition in many local road races.  Meilan would go on to run a 12:01 3200 meter in the prestigious Glendale Invitational.
     The cornerstone of this era were girl's squads built upon talent, camaraderie, dedication and dependability. Dawn Drewry, Michelle Demumbrum, Cindy Chong, Lisa Bacik, and Wolfie Perkins were instrumental in the success of the late 80's teams. The 1988 squad is still heralded as the "best Lady Demon squad" ever. The upset of powerhouse Shadow Mountain would have taken place except for an untimely injury to Wolfie Perkins the week of Divisions.
     Jane Burnett, a junior transfer from tiny Snowflake in 1988, would leaveher mark at Greenway the following year.  During her senior year, Jane would gain First Team All State Cross Country honors in addition to a State Championship 800 meter finish in the spring.
    After a few uneventful seasons, a pact was made in the quad in November, 1992 that Greenway girl's cross country teams would regain the era of respectability enjoyed in the late 80's. The arrival of two very talented frosh, Tara Ellington and Ashley Lindley, in 1993 would lay the groundwork for the team's success the next four years.  During this time, the Lady Demons recorded a 58 - 12 record and an unprecedented three consecutive District Jamboree championships.
    Throughout the 1995 season, senior Sam Price would maintain the #1 position and record medal winning performances in all her races culminated with honors at the 4A State Championships. Our 1996 girl's squad recorded the first perfect regular season ever with a 16-0 finish and an almost, upset of powerhouse Kingman at Regions while the 1997 Lady Demons raced home with our first Regional Championship plaque and another near-perfect (16-1) season.
    The late 90's success of girls was led by 800 meter standout Aimee Lustgraaf and a couple of talented sophs in Miranda Wintson and Genetia Harrison. The 1998 squad took the girls to their best-ever finish at the State 4A Championships (8th)
    In 2000, the Miranda Winston and Genetia Harrison era came to a close with four consecutive trips to the 4A State Championships.  During this time period, the Lady Demons post a very respectable 47 and 20 record and capture three District Jamboree titles.
     After a couple of sub-par seasons, the Lady Demons would begin the ascent back to powerhouse status. Sophomores Stephanie Wilson and Nicole Willliams would be the leaders of the new resurgence that would begin with a Jamboree Championship and Regional state qualifying finish in 2004. Now add the finishing pieces to the puzzle—a super talented frontrunner and a dedicated, determined group of young teammates, and the “dye was cast”. 
    The 2005 squad sported a 14-2 record and the first Region Championship of the millennium. Led by a first team All State finisher, Shea Albrecht and State Meet medalist, Stephanie Wilson, the Lady Demons placed a best ever 7th place finish at the State Championships. In addition the Varsity again captured the District Jamboree while the younger girls raced to their fourth consecutive District JV title.
     In 2006, Coach Julie Stockwell took over the reigns of the girls program and the young Demons didn’t miss a beat. The girls continued their success with a REPEAT at Regions, a “Three Peat” at the Jamboree and another JV Championship. Soph Shea Albrecht again led the Lady Demons with a Region runner-up finish and a repeat of All State honors while quality of the team’s depth continued to develop.
     The stage was now set for 2007 to be one of the very best in Greenway Girls Cross Country. While Shea Albrecht was again back in the front, the team was bolstered by the experience and competitiveness of veterans Paloma Ontiveros, Sara Smith, Emily Rodela, Christan Godinez, and Jamie Patnode as well as two up and coming frosh in Kayla and Shayla Freeman.   While winning Regions for the third year in a row, this talented team would set its sites on a best ever 4th place finish at the 4A State Meet
     How do you spell "four-peat"!  The 2008 squad, led by the talented duo of Shayla and Kayla Freeman, placed five runners in the top 10 and raced to a 4th consecutive region title.  At the State Championships, the girls matched  their previous 4th place finish but with a mere 102 pts.  Shayla and Kayla earned All State honors while senior Shea Albrecht closed out her illustrious career with another state medalist finish.
    The 2009 squad continued their dominance with an unprecedented "five-peat" at the region meet and a 15-0 season record!  Juniors Shayla and Kayla Freeman paced the way with a 1-2 finish as Jaime Patnode, Ali Ingram and Kristi Cook all earned 1st Team All Region honors.  The State meet was highlighted by an incredible 2nd and 5th place finish from the Freeman sisters (Shayla and Kayla) and a medal winning performance from senior Jaime Patnode.  The girls placed 4th for the third year in a row in another close scoring finish and again claimed the title "Best 4A2" squad in the valley.
The undefeated 2010 squad brings the “Freeman” era to an end with an incredible 4 year record of 56 - 1.  The NAU bound sisters finished off very successful high school careers by both finishing with First Team All State honors at the state meet for the second year in a row. (Kayla – 4th, Shayla – 7th).  Bolstered by a talented junior, Ali Ingramthe Lady Demons would record their second undefeated seaons, place 2nd in the "new" Sectionals and finish 7th in the revised and much more competitive State Championships.
    In 2011, Greenway grad, Alan Walker, became the new Head Girl's Coach and talented senior Ali Ingram took over the #1 runner position and consistently ran excellent award winning races throughout the season.  Backed by dependable senior Lorela Berberi, these two First Team All District runners would lead the Lady Demons to a respectable 12 & 4 record.  Both ran state qualifying races at Sectionals with Ali earning 2nd team All Section Honors.  The younger Lady Demons would also win the Glendale JV Distict championship.
    The youthful 2012 Lady Demons raced to an excellent 14 and 3 record highlighted by capturing the District Jamboree.  Front-runner Summer Ankrum (1st Team All District) consistently led the improving squad and raced to a State qualifying finish at the Sectional meet.  Promising frosh Hailey Femrite (2nd Team All District) was a key varsity runner and paced the JV/Open Girls to their second consecutive District championship.



History of Girls' Season/Division/Sectional Results
1979 - 2012
Top Five Finishers @ Region/Division/Sectionals

2012        14 -     3          8th      238 pts        (Ankrum, Femrite, Hanley, Moghina, Ramirez)
2011        12 -     4          8th      199 pts        (Ingram, Berberi, Begay, Ankrum, Howard)

2010        14 -     0          2nd       67 pts        (K. Freeman, S. Freeman, Ingram, Berberi, O'Farrell)
2009        15 -     0          1st        17 pts        (S. Freeman, K. Freeman, Patnode, Ingram, Cook, Pointdexter, O' Farrell)
2008        14 -     1          1st        22 pts        (S. Freeman, K. Freeman, Albrecht, Patnode, Cook, Milem, Espinoza)
2007        13 -     0          1st        29 pts        (Albrecht, K. Freeman, Ontiveros, Smith, Patnode, Godinez, Rodela)
2006          9 -     8          1st        49 pts        (Albrecht, Ontiveros, Godinez, Patnode, Rodela, Bogert, Brown)
2005        14 -     2          1st        40 pts        (Albrecht, Wilson, Quinn, Ontiveros,Brown, Williams, Rodela)
2004        14 -     6         3rd        77 pts        (Wilson, Rodela, Williams, Ontiveros, Yoder)  
2003        12 -     9         4th        80 pts        (Fox, Wilson, Williams, Edwards, Yoder)
2002          8 -   11         4th      113 pts        (Edwards, Fox, Thompson, Morales, Dewhurst)
2001          7 -   11         4th        89 pts        (Kelley, Quarry, Opio, Edwards, Elm)   
2000        11 -    7         2nd        65 pts        (Winston, Parker, Kelley, Quarry, Harrison)
1999         7 -     9         3rd        64 pts         (Winston, Robison, Kelley, Harrison, Beckman)
1998       13 -     3         3rd        72 pts        (Winston, Harrison, Lustgraaf, Kelley, Robison)
1997       16 -     1         1st        48 pts        (Lustgraaf, Harrison, A. Hutki, Winston, Robison, Rose)
1996       16 -     0        2nd        44 pts        (Peterson, Ellington, Lustgraaf, A. Hutki, Lindley, Brown)
1995       14 -     2         3rd        50 pts        (Price, Ellington, Lindley, Lustgraaf, H. Hutki)
1994       15 -     3        2nd        58 pts        (Lindley, Ellington, Laspisa, Rose, Dixon)
1993       13 -     7         4th        71 pts        (Lindley, Ellington, H. Hutki, Dixon, Funk)
1992         8 -    13        5th      123 pts        (Laspisa, Leary, Barnes, Figueroa, A. Eyrich)
1991         4 -    13         4th        88 pts       (N. Hoang, D. Hoang, Beazer, Gillmore, Maughan)
1990       13 -     8         4th        85 pts        (Chong, N. Hoang, Burkis, DeMumbrum, Brooks)
1989       14 -     4         3rd        71 pts        (Burnett, Chong, Brooks, DeMumbrum, Perkins)
1988       18 -     5         3rd        83 pts        (Drewry, Burnett, Bacik, Chong, DeMumbrum)
1987       12 -     9         4th      110 pts         (Drewry, Henry, Perkins, Martin, Houdek)
1986       16 -     5         3rd        78 pts        (Loo, Drewry, Martin, Henry, Siebrands)
1985         9 -     8         3rd        92 pts        (Loo, Herbert, Allen, Martin, Drewry)
1984         5 -   12       10th      208 pts         (Hackett, Herbert, Martin, Doss, Cochlin)
1983         9 -     9         7th      179 pts        (Kushel, Denovich, Walker, Bowman, Girard)
1982         6 -   10       11th      280 pts         (Walker, Denovich, Bowman, Girard, Mellot)
1981         1 -   16       10th      220 pts         (McPeak, Kurtz, Bowman, Copple, Turner)
1980         3 -   11         7th      148 pts         (McPeak, K. Siegrest, S. Siegrest, Mueller,)
1979         0 -     4         8th      166 pts         (McPeak, Mueller, Lundine, Morrison, Mcilveen)